Stop snoring for a restful night’s sleep
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Stop snoring for a restful night’s sleep rating

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The SleepHale Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your new SleepHale then get a full refund, no questions asked!


Easy To Use

SleepHale is so simple a caveman can use it, simply strap around your wrist like a watch and you’re good to go!


Good For Your Health & Your Relationship.

SleepHale silences snoring, and your bedmate and your body will thank you for it when you both get a better night’s sleep!


Experience the Future of Sleep With SleepHale

SleepHale started with a simple discovery:
Your body naturally knows how to sleep soundly, but sometimes needs to be reminded. Sleephale simply reminds your body during sleep disturbances such as snoring to fall back into the peaceful state we can all achieve.

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SleepHale constantly scans and senses the ambient sound in the room.

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SleepHale’s biosensors detect your snoring through your wrist.

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Upon detecting snoring, SleepHale will send a small electrical pulse that’s soft enough not to wake you but strong enough to remind your body of the proper way to sleep without snoring.

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Average Rating

Andrea P. - Texas 5stars

My husband snores so loudly that he was sleeping downstairs on the couch so I could sleep and we could still hear him upstairs!! Now he is back in bed and I am sleeping peacefully!!!!!!

Lisa Y. - Missouri 5stars

I am a back sleeper and have always snored, much to the dismay of the person next to me. I'm talking loud enough to get through the best ear plugs available. I figured I'd give SleepHale a try after nose strips and the like never did a darn bit of good. My lady said to not bother but I wanted to give them a shot for her benefit. Night one, SILENCE. We were both shocked but not 100% in belief and assumed it was a fluke. Well after a week of use it was no fluke. These work! I told my mom and a close family friend who also snore badly. SleepHale worked for them too. I know there is no cure all product for everyone but you should really give SleepHale a shot!

Freddie E. - California 5stars

SleepHale is the most comfortable anti-snoring devices and works great. I can breathe more easily through my nose at night and not snore as much!

Alex M. - New York 5stars

Very easy to use and lightweight. It did stop my snoring which was the best part. The first night it was pretty awkward, and I didn’t sleep very deeply and still snored a little bit. The second was better and I slept deeply the whole night without snoring. After that it was very easy. After a week and a half, even when I nap without it on I don’t snore, it’s like it retrained my body to sleep properly. I was really surprised that this stopped my snoring though!

Fred M. - New York 5stars

I'm not one to write reviews but WOW. SleepHale is awesome. I thought it would be worth a try, my snoring is next-level and has been for years, and wow, now I’m sleeping like an exhausted baby!

SleepHale Wristband

Say Goodbye to Restless Sleep and Disturbing Snoring!

Receive up to 50% OFF your order when you purchase today!

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